The Importance of Digital Marketing When Selling Your Home

The Importance of Digital Marketing When Selling Your Home

  • Brenda Freeman
  • 01/23/23

If you are considering selling your home in the Grand Lake Colorado real estate market, Granby, or Winter Park, it’s crucial to use digital marketing to find more potential buyers and get better offers for your house. In the end, digital marketing can make the difference between getting a great return on your investment fast or waiting as the house sits on the market for days or even months. Neglecting the digital marketing aspect of selling anything isn’t going to get you very far. In this post, you’ll learn what exactly real estate digital marketing is, why it’s important, and what strategies Brenda Freeman uses to be successful.

What is real estate digital marketing?

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Digital marketing for real estate is the same as other types of digital marketing. Brenda creates an online presence to sell your home. There are many effective ways to use digital marketing: video tours, online listings, advertising, social media marketing, and more. Just as most businesses are developing their online storefronts, you need to put your house online to sell to gain the most views and interest in your property, optimizing your chances of getting a high selling price quickly. This is one of Brenda’s specialties.

For example, when buyers search for Grand Lake homes online, you want to be sure that your house pops up and stands out against all the rest. You want to intrigue buyers to click for more information, scroll through the images, and call your Realtor, Brenda Freeman, to set up an in-person showing.

Why is it important for real estate?

By using digital marketing to sell your home, you will be able to create the ideal messaging and content, market to your target audience, leverage your network, and close leads fast. When you rely on local papers or just a “for sale” sign in your yard to find buyers, you won’t get nearly as many interested buyers as you will by effectively utilizing digital marketing. When you team up with Brenda, you can rest assured your home is being marketed above and beyond others.

Remember that your target audience is most likely online, searching for their future homes on Google, house listing sites, and even social media. If you aren’t there, they cannot find you. Therefore, posting pictures and videos with narration of your home online will ensure that more people who want to buy a house see it and click to learn more. 

Strategies you can use to maximize leads

Including beautiful photos, well-written copy, and a compelling story in your digital marketing strategy is crucial. Brenda goes to the extra mile and will provide a professional photographer and a copywriter. Everyone knows that social media is a key element in sales these days, so make sure you share your listing with your friends and followers. Brenda also has an online audience who will be interested in seeing your listing on their social media. As a Sotheby's International Realty agent, Brenda will market not only nationally but world wide.

In order to maximize the number of interested buyers, make sure you create a listing that makes a great first impression. It needs to have high-quality photos and an interesting, detailed, accurate listing description.

Here are a few ways that you can make a perfect listing, as well as some tips for other real estate digital marketing strategies.

Optimize your listing

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No one can tell the story of a house better than the people who have called it home for so many years. Brainstorm what you love about your house, and use those unique features to paint a picture for potential buyers. Tell them the story of the home in a way that makes them fall in love with it. Nothing sells a house better than a beautiful, heartwarming story.

Next, get the house staged and hire a professional photographer to take pictures of the entire house. These photos will act as the buyer’s first impression, so the images need to be stunning with good lighting and angles. It’s worth it to get experienced professionals to stage and photograph your house because they are well-versed in what works well and what doesn’t. If your photos are inadequate, with improper lighting, awkward angles, and blurriness, it will cost you a lot of potential buyers who don’t even want to click on your listing to read more.

Virtual tour hosting

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A virtual tour is a great way to give buyers a better idea of the layout and flow of the house. It will help them decide if it’s worth seeing in person. There are two main types of virtual tour hosting: 3D tours and video marketing. While these might sound similar, they actually provide very different experiences for the viewer, and Brenda utilizes both types for her listings.

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools for selling anything, especially real estate. However, creating a video that people will watch takes a lot of experience. Not many sellers will take the time to invest in making a video, so this can give you an edge over other listings. An added benefit of working with Brenda as your listing agent is that she takes care of this for you. It should be a short video where someone is talking about the house as videos and photos are shown on screen. The goal of the video is to get more people’s attention and get them to keep clicking to see the 3D tour.

People will spend more time looking at a 3D tour than they will a video. Therefore, the 3D tour is extremely important. Rather than clicking “play” and watching a pre-made video, the viewer can guide themselves through a digital, 3D rendition of the house. They can digitally “walk” through the house on their smartphone or computer. Imagine how convenient this is for out-of-state buyers. This is why Brenda will create both a narrated video and a 3D rendition to give buyers options when choosing to preview a home. Some buyers will even put an offer down on a house sight unseen when they can use a 3D tour to view the home.

Are you ready to start marketing your home online?

Digital marketing is an important aspect of a skilled real estate agent’s selling strategy. Make sure your agent includes this in their services. Reach out to Brenda Freeman when you are ready to start the selling process in Granby, Winter Park, or Grand Lake real estate. She will guide you toward your goals!

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