4 Advantages of a Traditional Brokerage

4 Advantages of a Traditional Brokerage

  • Brenda Freeman
  • 01/26/22

Real estate markets are experiencing strong seller’s markets and home values are soaring, and the Grand Lake, CO real estate market is no exception. As of this month, Grand Lake, CO homes for sale stay on the market for an average of just 76 days, while the median list price has increased by over 37% since November. 

Properties in this beloved community have steadily climbed in value in the past year and a half, making property here a strong investment. In a seller’s market like this, it’s more challenging for a buyer to get their offer accepted by a homeowner. However, when you work with a traditional brokerage, experienced agents will help you formulate a more effective strategy when you’re considering Grand Lake, CO homes for sale. For sellers, agents will guide you through every step of the selling process and help you attract the highest offers on your home.

While you might be able to scroll through online listings and can likely wade through buying or selling your home alone, it’s not easy and your process could be filled with costly mistakes. Traditional brokerages boast considerable advantages for those looking for Grand Lake, CO homes for sale, and it’s worth becoming acquainted with these benefits before you start your home search.   

1. Trained professionals

Buying or selling residential property is a complex endeavor with considerable stakes. A home is the most expensive investment most Americans will ever make, and it’s critical to take every step to ensure success and efficiency in the process. Working with a real estate agent is the single most effective tool buyers, or homeowners looking to sell, can have at their disposal. In fact, an estimated 92% of homes in the United States are sold with a broker, demonstrating the widespread recognition of their utility.

At a traditional brokerage, you’ll find experienced brokers and agents whose singular aim is to empower their clients in their respective real estate transactions. These groups are highly discerning when selecting which real estate professionals to onboard, and invest heavily in training, educating, and preparing their agents to ensure excellent service for their clients.  

Additionally, traditional brokers remain ahead of the curb by employing innovative technology to serve their clients even better. Whether it’s utilizing the latest live-streaming services to present homes to clients in other states or producing 360-degree walkthroughs, these businesses guarantee a high level of professional assistance by using the latest state-of-the-art tools in their smooth real estate transactions. 

2. Reliability

A significant yet often overlooked advantage of working with a traditional brokerage is their unparalleled reliability. Well-known brokerages earn their name recognition and establishment in the industry by providing consistently excellent work for decades. While their services come at a higher premium in comparison to discount brokerages, their benefits highly outweigh the costs of working with the latter.

Discount brokers are discounted for a reason. They only offer below-average service, and in most instances, it falls on the clients to do most of the work themselves. The advice they give is limited and subpar, often leading to clients making costly mistakes in the process. It’s not uncommon for homebuyers or owners working with discount brokers to eventually seek out assistance from more knowledgeable professionals. 

In the end, this approach is not only more treacherous but more expensive than simply hiring an agent from a traditional, reputable brokerage. A professional agent will provide effective communication, solid advice tailored to your needs, and expert guidance throughout the whole process. If you are searching for Grand Lake, CO homes for sale, investing in the services of a traditional brokerage will lead to you closing on a fantastic deal you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. 

3. A personal touch

Developing a stronger relationship with your broker will lead to a stronger real estate transaction. The proficiency and dedication offered by traditional brokerages foster these sorts of professional relationships, ones defined by integrity and a personal touch. When working with a traditional brokerage, you’ll enjoy the benefits of in-person meetings and phone calls to ensure effective communication throughout the whole process. Professional agents highly value their clients’ needs and are consistently available to provide advice and answer questions as needed. This approach will positively impact your experience of purchasing Grand Lake, HO homes for sale, and lead to a better deal.   

4. International Network

With a traditional brokerage, the world is your oyster. These companies are eager to empower their clients and enjoy connecting them with other professional agents around the world. These expansive referral networks prove to be invaluable. For instance, a local broker working on one of the Grand Lake, CO homes for sale can collaborate with other national or international agents to extend its market base, greatly increasing the number of possible offers while lowering the number of days it will stay on the market. This global coordination elevates the potential of anyone involved, and can simply not be replicated when working independently or with a discount broker.   

If you’re considering selling your property, working with a traditional brokerage can help make the process more smooth. Advantages such as access to highly trained, quality personnel and significant experience selling houses in Grand Lake will prove to be instrumental in the final result of your real estate transaction. 

Similarly, if you plan to buy Grand Lake, CO real estate, you’ll have access to resources that can be a game-changer. If you’re ready to make a move on Grand Lake, CO homes for sale, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Brenda Freeman to leverage the considerable benefits of a traditional brokerage in your favor.  




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