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Updated Spring 2024

Rocky Mountain Estates Basic Information 

Rocky Mountain Estates is also known as Colorado Angles Club. It sits west of Highway 34 and is on County Road 4. This neighborhood resides in the perfect place for those who enjoy the outdoors. The views of Lake Granby and Cutthroat Trout Bay are perfect all year long and will never lose their magic. There is also plenty of trails open both summer and winter to explore. The neighborhood sits about ten minutes from both Grand Lake and Granby, making it a great middle ground as well. 

Lake Granby and Cutthroat Trout Bay 

Lake Granby is just across the road and offers plenty of adventure and entertainment. The lake stretches out across 7,260 of surface acres as well as fourty miles of shore line. Go fishing both in the summer and in the winter when the lake freezes over. Take a motorboat or sail out on the lake. Go for a swim if you can handle the chilling water or wear a wet suit like so many do. Water skiing is quite popular too. The lake is also perfect to look at while enjoying time at home with its beautiful blue waters. Shadow Mountain Lake and Grand Lake are also just North with all the same excitement. 


If you follow county road 4 you will be met with some of the best trails Colorado has to offer. People from all over drive to use these free access trails, while residents in Rocky Mountain Estates have the shortest drive. Located only about three miles from the neighborhood, these trails can be used in many ways all year round. There are more than one hundred miles to explore. Take some snowmobiles up and explore the winter wonderland trails with plenty of trails to explore and open fields to glide through. Or, in the summer, take some dirt bikes or ATV's on the trails for plenty of fun.

Surrounding Activities 

The Grand Lake area is rich with town traditions and offers plenty of fun year-round. Grand Lake is a historic part of Colorado with its amazing natural scenes, wildlife, famous boardwalk, and plenty more. The town is located just about two hours from Colorado's capitol, Denver. Grand Lake offers lots of shopping as well as restaurants to enjoy. The lake is Colorado's largest natural lake, with Shadow Mountain Lake connected to it. The western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park is also next to Grand Lake. The park offers 415 square miles of nature to explore and wildlife to see. If you enjoy golf, the Grand Lake golf course is an eighteen-hole course with amazing views at every tee. The town has many long lasting yearly traditions, including New Year's Eve Fireworks, Winter Carnival, Pond Hockey Classic, Memorial Day Parade, Fireworks on the Fourth of July, an Arts and Crafts event, Buffalo Barbeque Days, Summer music located in the town park, Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater, Halloween Events for kids, and a Christmas Tree Lighting event, as well as many more. Granby is also about fifteen minutes away as well as the world famous ski resort Winter Park located about fourty five minutes away. 

Community and Home Owner’s Association 

Rocky Mountain Estates has a great community in it. The surrounding area is full of friendly people with minimal traffic. The neighborhood has a set speed limit of fifteen miles per hour, keeping the roads slowed and relaxed. The neighborhood does not allow parking on the street and all trailers must be properly parked as well. The homeowner's association is active in the neighborhood and helps keep the area in order. The neighborhood has also picked up the nickname the Colorado Angles Club. Rocky Mountain Estates has underground facilities as well as year-round road maintenance. The homeowners association also enforces some restrictions which can be found in the Covenants, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Design Guidelines. The homeowners association also requires five hundred dollar dues. This is a brief summary for more information, please visit the HOA's website at


Homes inside of Rocky Mountain Estates are all kept up to a standard of quality, making sure the home you want is to your liking. Colorado Anglers Club has 278 lots. The neighborhood is 30% developed with 67 homes and 205 vacant lots. According to the Grand County Assessor's site, the average median price of vacant land in Rocky Mountain Estates as of 2023 was $325,000 and the average median price of single-family homes as of 2023 was $685,655. The highest sale price for a single-family home in Rocky Mountain Estates as of 2023 was $1,025,000.
Information was gathered from the Grand County Assessors Site and the Grand County Board of Realtors along with Internet searching. This information may be dated.
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